10 health apps to download today

Here are some must-have apps that will help motivate you to get in tip-top shape:

MapMyRun/MapMyRide (mapmyrun.com and mapmyride.com)

Available on iOS and Android (free). For all the runners and bikers out there, the MapMy apps allow you to record workout details including time span, distance, pace, speed, elevation and calories burned. It uses the GPS in your phone to see the exact route you’ve traveled and lets you view your workout history. For those who prefer biking, MapMyRide has similar features to MapMyRun. You can also use the app to find groups, routes and events that suit your biking needs.

Calorie Counter & Diet Tracker (myfitnesspal.com)

Available on iOS and Android (free). Counts calories for you and creates a personalized diet regimen.

Nudge (nudgeyourself.com)

Available on iOS and Android (free). This all-in-one dashboard syncs with the most popular wearables to create an overall health score, called The Nudge Factor. This number not only gives you an overall snapshot of your health so you know what areas need improvement (fitness, diet, sleep, etc.), but it allows you to compare your progress with your friends and co-workers, no matter what wearables they use.

7 Minute Workout (7minuteworkout.us)

Available on iOS ($2.99) and Android (free). For those of us who want maximum results but don’t have a lot of time, 7 Minute Workout will generate a workout based around the science of high-intensity circuit training to help increase results and decrease time commitment.

Grokker (grokker.com)

Available on iOS (free). This app brings yoga, fitness and cooking together in tutorial videos by experts.

FitStar (fitstar.com)

Available on iOS (free; $4.99 per month for premium). Work out like a pro with this app by former NFL player Tony Gonzalez. FitStar creates tailored workouts according to your fitness level.

Zombies, Run! (zombiesrungame.com)

Available on iOS and Android ($3.99). True to its name, the app creates running workouts with spooky audio through zombie-filled missions and adventures.

Fooducate (fooducate.com)

Available on iOS and Android (free). It’s back to basics with this app that grades foods from A to D. Fooducate also provides nutritional information and healthy alternatives.

Fitocracy (fitocracy.com)

Available on iOS (free). It can be a pain to understand all the different numbers on the back of labels. Fitocracy takes the hassle away by tracking nutrients instead of calories, making sure you’re eating the right amount of protein, carbs and fat in order to keep you energized and full.

HealthyOut Healthy Meal Finder (mobile.healthyout.com)

Available on iOS and Android (free). By finding healthy restaurants near you and providing nutritional information for each meal, this app lets you go out on the town without falling off the wagon.

Written by Melissa Erickson. Photo: 123RF.


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