Can’t sleep? Check out these products

The modern family’s busy schedule affects their sleep quality. An estimated 60 million Americans suffer from sleep disorders or deprivation, according to the National Sleep Foundation.

“It can be tough to make time for sleep when we’re too busy; making sleep a priority can give all family members the energy to function at their best every day,” said psychologist and behavior expert Hawley Montgomery-Downs, West Virginia University.

In addition to turning off or limiting electronics in the bedroom — you know that glowing blue light is messing with your sleep — here are a few products to make your bedroom a sleep sanctuary:

Noise machines

Mask unwanted noises like door slams or sirens by bringing white noise into your bedroom. The National Sleep Foundation’s official sound conditioner is the Dohm. Tunable with two speeds, the Dohm is engineered to produce the smooth, consistent sound of rushing air for a calm and relaxing environment for those who have trouble falling or staying asleep.

Blackout curtains

To many of us, morning light means it’s time to wake up and darkness means it’s time to sleep. A truly dark room can be bedroom bliss. Thermal blackout curtains have the added benefit of keeping warm air in the room (or out of the room depending on the season). One top seller is Best Home Fashion’s grommet-topped insulated thermal blackout curtains, available in a variety of colors.

Mattress toppers

If buying a new mattress isn’t an option because of the expense, invest in a mattress topper. The most popular for providing comfort in a variety of thicknesses and densities to suit personal preference are memory foam mattress toppers, for example Serta’s Ultimate 4-inch Visco, which promises to cradle your body and reduce pressure points to prevent tossing and turning.

Anti-allergen sheets

Light and sound aren’t the only things affecting your sleep. Sniffles and sneezes can bother your sleep, too, especially for people with year-round allergies. Be sure to wash sheets at least once a week with a laundry detergent that is pleasing to you — or no smell at all if that’s what you prefer. The PureCare line of pillow and mattress protectors wards off allergens, irritants and bacteria that can disrupt sleep.

Light-up alarms

Alarms that gradually dim to put you to sleep and slowly brighten to ease you into a new day can help regulate your body’s biological sleep clock. The Philips Wake-Up Light with colored sunrise simulation provides a pleasant, natural way to start your morning. Featuring a colored sunrise simulation and 20 brightness settings, the light gradually increases between 20 to 40 minutes prior to your alarm time. The light also offers the option of waking up to one of five different nature-inspired sounds.

Written by Melissa Erickson. Photo by 123RF.


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